8 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

8 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

8 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Depression can’t be interchangeably used with unhappy state. These two are different terms and have different meanings. We loosely use the term depression after every bad day or for blues like Monday, but in real it is something much more complicated. So here we are to help you notice the exact signs of depressions:

8 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Change in mood
Persistent sadness or change in how you feel about your life is a sign of depression. You become hopeless and helpless in your life. Feelings like self-hate, worthlessness, or guilt, or anger, or self degrade are associated with depression. You think the fault is only yours in every situation.

Loss in interest
Have you been losing your interest in your daily activities which you liked performing earlier? For example you don’t find your hobby interesting; you don’t take active part in the daily activities like discussions, sex or meeting new people. Even impotence is also a kind of depression. You don’t feel like smiling and depression has taken all the joy out of you.

Fatigue may be the reason why you lose your interest in the day to day activities. Depression accompanies fatigue and tiredness. Consequently you start sleeping more and you don’t sleep at all which you call as insomnia. The lack of sound sleep can lead to anxiety which can get worse over time.

If you are easily getting irritated these days then this may be another sign of depression. You just lose your control and calm. You start arguing or get irritated even on small issues. There is a huge reduction in your tolerance level and every starts getting on to your nerves. You don’t like things taking place around you and you just want to be with your own self.

Change in weight and appetite
The fluctuation in weight and appetite varies from person to person with major depressions. Some start losing weight due to loss of hunger while some in contrary start gaining weight due to increase in appetite. Significant change in weight, say 5%, takes place in a month. However change in diet may take place due to several factors but if it unintentional then this is a sign of depression.

No hopes to live more
This involves the frequent thoughts of death. You start talking like “I don’t wish to live anymore” or “I don’t care if I die today” or “there is no hope left in my life”, etc. Negative thoughts overcome the positivity in you and you start feeling dejected. Some people even try to commit suicide which is the worst thing one can do. I call them losers!

Mental stress
If you have been forgetting things and facing difficulties while concentrating in your work then may be you are depressed. Depressed people believe that their though process has encountered some deviations and they are not normal anymore.

Health issues
People with depression also face health issues like headache or stomach problems. They have digestive issues which do not respond to the medicines. There seems to be no other cause of your bad digestive system.

You may call it depression if you notice at least 4 of the above symptoms in you on daily bases or so that last for about two weeks. Also if these symptoms are not due to any other disease like underactive thyroid or pituitary gland and are not any side effects of the medications or drugs or alcohol then you can call it as depression.

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